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Last moments of Marrakech Folklore Days 2019

Nice moments of joy and exchange of world culture at the Jemma El Fna during our

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Marrakech Folklore Days is the fruit of idea of an intercultural exchange, and not only an entertainment event.

Based the success and popularity of the European version of our festival: “Prague Folklore Days” that we have been organizing for 11 years now, we have decided to share these emotions with an African country: Morocco and exactly the capital of tourism Marrakech, , the ochre city which has been blending different cultures and nations for centuries.

Named one of the best destinations in the world and placed well in the annual charts of “Traveler’s Choice Awards”, Marrakech is well-known for its warm and generous mind – the city will be delighted to host the World Folklore festival in spring.


As its name points it out, the festival “Marrakech Folklore Days” is held in the ochre city “Marrakech “.

A great opportunity to discover the red emerald of Morocco!
There are one thousand and one ways of living it. Whatever is the way with which you will choose to experience Marrakech, you will take indeed a bit of Marrakech in you. It is a place full of surprises! With its countless markets, gardens, palaces and mosques, you are going to be amazed. Marrakech, named also the “red city” is the fourth biggest city of the Morrocan Kingdom after Casablanca, Fès and Tangier with 928 850 inhabitants in 2014, it remains the tourist capital of the country. More than a city, Marrakech is a polished pearl by history and taste of the reception, able to welcome its guests with open arms for centuries.

The city is subdivided into two distinct parts:
– the new city (or modern) many hotel complexes, boutiques, banks, tearooms and cafés with terraces are found there.
– the medina or historical city center (ten kilometers of surrounding wall), it is easy to imagine the caravans that loaded and unloaded their dromedaries by food, tools and craft objects. The typical souks offer all that one would expect: colours, ambiences, tastes, perfumes, smiling and welcoming faces.

Marrakech is world-famous for its palm grove and its minaret, this city is a true living show where men and local folklore are skillfully staged in a medieval decor. An impressing cultural heritage with many monuments and best museums.

It is simply magical!

Its economy is principally based on tourism, trade and craft industry. The hotel infrastructure has grown quickly in recent years and it aims now on luxury tourism.

Known also by the Jemaa El Fna Place , the key city of Almoravides was founded in 1070, it is also known by big events and festivities as: Festival of the Popular Arts , Marrakech International Film Festival, Arts in Marrakech, Festival Samaa of Sacred Music, Festival of Contemporary Dance, Sun Festival: national festival of young people and music.

Marrakech is one of the most favourite destinations of celebrities that like its preserved charm which combines luxury, refinement and authenticity. The city was so qualified as «dream of one thousand and one nights» by Arielle Dombasle.

Marrakech became a reputed place for its culture, its arts, its traditions and its architectural heritage which seduces little by little a big number of famous artists.

Tourist information office – Morocco

El-Fna Jemaa, Arts and Culture

In the centre of Marrakech, on the Jemaa el-Fna Place, there are musicians, dancers, diviners, fortune-tellers, tattooists of the henna, snake charmers, handlers of monkeys, sellers of turtles, parrot-keepers, acrobats, jugglers, fire-eaters, water-carriers, sellers of orange juice, of snails and all fabulous storytellers who make laugh and dream about Marrackchis and about tourists of the whole world.

But there are also, every evening, from 17 hours, the ambulant restaurateurs who install their stands. Around the stand, are installed tables and benches where set up the guests of this colossal feast open-air!



The festival “Marrakech Folklore Days” has been created on initiative of two entities specialised in creation and organisation of events: H-Kal (Morocco) and Agency Millennium (Czech Republic)

We are conscious that the folk dancing is defined as a form of expression of traditional heritage, was and always will be a way for people to socialize and to enjoy life together – nowadays it is mostly carried out by voluntary folk dance groups that want to maintain and underline their national or ethnic roots.

In the past, dance was an important social catalyst which lost most of its glory with the arrival of modern technologies.

Today, folk dance is especially carried out during shows or traditional festivals.

Our festival helps discovering the world and cultures of different nations populating our planet; it helps opening a parenthesis where everything seems possible; multinational meeting which makes possible participation of local groups (from the Atlas and the South of Morocco), European, African, and the rest of the world.

The festival stages will be erected on the most known tourist sites of the city, such as November 16th Square and Ancient Medina close to Jemaa EL Fna.


We desire to create a multicultural meeting gathering different traditions and various ways of life.
the Moroccan public will have a unique chance to get to know dances and music of other parts of world.
The participants will have opportunity to visit Morocco, namely Marrakech, one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
Besides the tourist programm, the groups will have an opportunity to get to know local traditions, cuisine and Moroccan way of life.
The festival is offering a platform for sharing traditions, making new friends and meeting old ones as well as promoting Moroccan and to promote Moroccan culture and the ochre city ; Marrakech.
It is open mainly for amateur groups that exist to maintain songs, dances and costumes which are disappearing and exist only to a great extent thanks to them

The Agenda

International Meeting of Folklore Ensembles
“Marrakech Folklore Days”
March 28 – march 31, 2019


(*) champs obligatoires


Mernara Marrakech Maroc



Photos of performances and parade of Marrakech Folklore Days